How does Quartz compare to other kitchen worktops

Compare key features that you will love against Granite and Corian.

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Reasons to love Quartz kitchen worktops

Value for money

A good quality quartz worktop can cost the same as granite or corian, but quartz will last a lifetime, making it much better value for money over the years.

Hygienic & easy to clean

The non-porous nature of quartz stone means it doesn’t harbour bacteria and viruses. Just wipe down  after use and you’ll have sparkling, bacteria free worktops again

No maintenance

Quartz worktops don’t require sealing or resealing like granite, stone or wood, making it a great option for busy households.

It's tough

Quartz is cut from natural quartz stone and engineered with polymers and resins to create one of the toughest worktop materials available.

It's durable

Able to withstand the wear and tear thrown at it during normal or heavy daily kitchen use, Quartz comes out tops for durability. 

It's versatile

Use for worktops all around your home – kitchen, utilities, bathrooms, wet rooms, playrooms, garages.

Colours Options

Quartz is infused with pigment and other materials, making it a great choice whether you’re looking for a natural look or something bolder.  

Edge Options

Available in a range of edge styles so you can get creative and complete the perfect look for your kitchen worktops.

Worktop overhangs

Quartz worktops come in larger slab sizes than granite, making it a great choice for worktops with overhangs of up to 300mm.

Compare key features that you will love against Granite and Corian.

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